Find a Certified Integrator

Current Dealer Certification Program encompass the following systems:

  • ProWatch Access Control System

The most renowned integrated security solution with more than 50,000 installations in 75 countries and a worldwide network of 350 certified dealers

  • WinPak Access Control System

The cost-effective, easy-to-manage, and full scale integrated platform that provides you with recurring revenue streams.

  • MaxProNet Video Management System

The most powerful integrated video management & control system in the world.

Australia Certification Level Telephone
Stanley Security Solutions / Sielox Gold +61 2 9633 1653
Tronsec Certified +61 3 9543 4833
Blue Force Certified +61 8 9427 555
PRV Security Certified 1300 303 661
Blui​ Certified​ ​ Certified 1300 941946
ADT Integrated Systems Certified +61 2 9638 8380
NeXT Security Certified

1800 188 811


New Zealand Certification Level Telephone
Cactus Security Certified +64 365 6355


Dealer Certification

Are you striving to enhance your quality of services to your customers? Are you endeavoring to increase your customer loyalty? Are you looking for ways to differentiate yourselves from the competition? Just take a look at the Honeywell Dealer Certification Program! This Program is highly recognized and respected in the security industry in the United States, and is now introduced into Asia Pacific.

How do I become a certified Dealer?